Welcome to Greenhouse in the Snow located in Alliance, Nebraska!

Welcome to Greenhouse in the Snow located in Alliance, Nebraska!

News Update!

A note to our friends and neighbors that share our passion for year round food production.

     As we are all aware of the challenges that the current corona virus scare is presenting, we are making a couple of modifications to our sales and shipping policies. We have always encouraged customers to pick their greenhouses up here, visit with us, and tour the greenhouses. This makes the build easier, and we hope gives you a sense of comfort with us to make sure you know that when you call, we will be here to help. 

     We have recently recorded a virtual greenhouse tour, and we encourage you to take a look. We will be resuming in-person tours on May 1st! Book your tour on our Book a Tour page!

     We are eliminating the crating and handling cost on shipping greenhouses as well as negotiated better shipping rates with Brown Transfer.

  • Cost of Shipping: Decreased 40%
  • Crates and Handling: Eliminated!
  • Means that Shipping by Brown Transfer = Picking it up Yourself
  • We are adding a direct phone line that will be attended to during regular business hours: 8 AM – 5 PM Mountain Time. 


     We still offer as needed phone and email support and make every effort to answer calls the day they come in to keep your build on track. We are excited to work with you for a more secure and home-grown food future.


     For ease of payment, we still take checks and accept credit cards with no added fee for card use; we now accept wire transfers as well.


          Best regards, 

               Russ and Allen.


Photo Courtesy of Stegner Farms.


Very nice YouTube video produced by Kirsten Dirksen about Greenhouse in the Snow that has had over 2,000,000 views!

About Us

Image provided by NRD Greenhouse in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.


The Greenhouse in the Snow business has been growing for over 35 years... (Picture to the left provided by NRD Greenhouse located in Scottsbluff, Nebraska.



Grow exotic fruits and plants like Meyer Lemons, Rangpur Limes, Black Berries, Birds of Paradise, Hibiscus, and MORE!


But wait....there's more!

You can grow things all year round using Geo-Thermal ground heat!!!

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Greenhouse in the Snow



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09:00 am – 09:00 pm

To speak with Russ, please call 308-762-3042. To speak with Allen, please call 308-760-9718.