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 A packet including information on how to construct our greenhouse kit. The Plan Packet is updated about every 6 months with new information we are learning since we started making greenhouses. The packet also includes 3 CDs. 5-7 days for delivery. The Plan Packet ships anywhere for free! 


Greenhouse in the Snow kits are priced by the lineal foot and are available in 6' increments beginning at 30'.

The greenhouses are 17' wide. Most kits we sell are 78' to 102' long. Greenhouses less than 60' long are less cost effective than bigger greenhouses.

  • Basic kit per lineal foot over 60'...………$144/lineal foot
  • Basic kit per lineal foot under 60'...…...$147/lineal foot

We take checks, credit cards, and cash. Email Russ for custom quote at

Final costs of a Greenhouse in the Snow, with the kit we sell and the parts that are purchased locally, generally run about the same price per square foot as a comparable conventional greenhouse. The difference being the year round energy efficiency of the Greenhouse in the Snow. 

Geo-Thermal Greenhouse in the Snow Kits are made in the United States of America in Alliance, NE. 

Our Geo-Thermal Greenhouse Kits come with:

  • Framing
  • Connections
  • Screws & Rubber Back Washers
  • Lexan
  • A detailed list of the parts you need in addition to those listed above
  • Unlimited phone and e-mail tech support to make your build as seamless as possible

We use only Lexan brand, twin wall polycarbonate in our greenhouses. Lexan warranties their twin wall polycarbonate with a 20 year extended warranty. 

The kits do not include: 

  • Blowers and Thermostats - in stock to purchase with the kit
  • Metal Siding
  • Doors
  • Windows
  • A 4" HDPE Plastic Corrugated Pipe for Geo-Thermal Tubes
  • Other parts that are readily available at your location

Our kits are always in stock, so do not hesitate to inquire and purchase one today!  Email Russ for pricing at or fill out our questionnaire form and we will get in contact with you!